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  • Shut the Box 4-Player Game


    Shut the Box is said to have been invented in 12th Century France. Legend says that it was a cherished game among sailors and fishermen off the coast of Normandy some 200 years ago. It could be played for high stakes as a way to unwind after at hard day at sea and a sailor could spend a good bit of his money in just one game.

    Today Shut the Box is still played for stakes and is a favorite pub game in England. The games has several names including Canoga, Tric-Trac, and Batten Down the Hatches. No matter where it's played, the universal appeal of Shut the Box will hone your basic math skills while keeping you entertained for hours!

    •a time-tested favourite
    •great for kids from 5 to 105
    •play as a solitaire game, or with a room full of friends
    •solid wood frame & number strips
    •includes dice & rules