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  • INVITATION by Canada Billiard

    The INVITATION is a reasonably priced table designed to last! Built to professional quality standards on state-of-the-art precision machinery, this table is available inĀ 2 great finishes: After Hours or Sunday Brunch*. (*Note from Canada Billiard October 2018: Chocolate Pear Tree is available in limited quantities in the 4 x 8 size only. Sunday Brunch will be the replacement for that color when these are all sold.)
    A delightful addition to your home. Ask someone who owns one! Made in Canada.

    Extra Value! A Masterspeed Deluxe Accessory Kit is included at no charge with the purchase of this table.

    Available Legs Playing surface Type Slate Approximative ship weight
    lb - kg
    3 1/2 ' X 7' 4 38" X 76 " pool 1" framed 628 - 286
    4' X 8' 4 44" X 88 " pool / snooker 1" framed 732 - 333


    1. Solid hardwood rails covered in scratch, stain and burn-resistant laminate.

    2. Base frame constructed of "sandwich board".

    3. Durable laminate cabinetry.

    4. Modern legs in laminate and featuring steel leg levellers.

    5. 3-piece 1" framed slate.

    6. Masterspeed rubber cushions.

    7. Cabinet finishes: Sunday Brunch or After Hours.

    8. Quality wool/nylon blend fabric in 26 color choices.

    9. Optional Accessories: Universal Table (Dining) Top, Universal Drawer.

    Note: All specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.