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  • ORLANDO by Canada Billiard

    A work of art! This coud be the break you've been waiting for! 
    Orlando® of the Prestige series is an exclusive model. Carefully crafted by our cabinetmakers, it is offered to you in your choice of solid Oak or Maple. A timeless classic.
    The price shown is for the smallest Oak table in this style. Please call for pricing on other sizes and woods.
    Extra Value! A Masterspeed Deluxe Accessory Kit is included at no charge with the purchase of this table.

    Available Legs Playing surface Type Slate Approximative ship weight
    lb - kg
    3 1/2 ' X 7' 4 38" X 76 " pool / snooker 1" framed 581 - 264
    4' X 8' 4 44" X 88 " pool / snooker 1"f ramed 801 - 364
    4 1/2' X 9' 4 50" X 100" pool / snooker 1" framed 970 - 440
    5' X 10' 6 56" X 112" snooker 1" framed 1218 - 553
    6' X 12' 6 70" X 140 " snooker 1 1/2 " framed 2445 - 1110
    All Orlando components are machined on a state of the art numerical control machine specially designed to build this table.

    1- Base frame : 
    The base frame, which is constructed of 8/4 high quality solid wood specially selected to meet our quality standards, is assembled with bolts and dowels.

    2- Slate mounting blocks: 
    First quality solid wood blocks. They provide the secure mounting of the slate on the frame.

    3- Slate :
    Premium slate from the best quarries. 1" thick in three pieces, the framed slate extends underneath the rails for consistent play. This slate is precision-machined level to within 10/1000of an inch.

    4- Cloth : 
    Wide selection of colours and qualities.

    6- Cushions :

    Professional "Masterspeed" rubber cushions provide true rebound and maximum accuracy.

    7- Sights :
    Genuine mother-of-pearl inlaid diamond sights have a maximum tolerance of 10/1000 of an inch for a consistent play.

    8- Pockets :
    Leather pockets with #6 iron for pool tables and #10 for snooker tables are colour-coordinated to the finish of the table The openings meet BCA standards.

    9- Legs :
    Legs made of solid wood for maximum solidity.

    10- Exclusive legs levellers :
    Steel levelers are inserted into legs with a tapped bushing to maintain the optimal level.

    11- Finish :
    Several coats of carefully applied finish ensure peerless quality, durability and somptuousness.  Mirror and piano finish available with extra for all solid wood tables.

    12- Varieties of wood :
    Oak or Maple. 

    All specifications subject to change without notice.