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Mölkky is a fun combination of chance and skill that's quick to learn and exciting to play. Take turns throwing the Mölkky skittle to try to knock over various numbered pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly 50 points, but you have to be careful! If you score more than 50, your score is knocked back down to 25.

Mölkky can be enjoyed in any outdoor space from your backyard to the local park or a beach. Play one-on-one or get a team together. The more the merrier!

National Mölkky competitions are held in several countries around the world and teams go to Finland every year to compete in the World Mölkky Championships.

A Crate of Fun:

Mölkky pins (numbered from 1 to 12): Uniquely shaped and tailor-made from 100% natural wood from sustainable Finnish forests. Easy to stand up (stable even on uneven surfaces) and simple to knock down. 

Mölkky throwing skittle: Lightweight and easy to throw for any member of the family.

Handy carrying crate made from the same high-quality wood as the game components, this robust crate is ideal for storing the game. And the strong rope straps make it easy to carry Mölkky wherever you want to go.

Rules: Clear instructions and helpful pictures ensure the game gets under way quickly and prevent any misunderstandings. You only have to concentrate on having fun.

Scorecard: No need to try and remember your scores; just use this handy scorecard. And don't forget, the aim of the game is to reach 50 points - exactly!

Dimensions (cm):33 (l) x 22 (w) x 19 (h). As Mölkky is made from 100% wood, exact dimensions may vary.

Weight: 4.390 kg.